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Ghosts in the Machine?

Museums Association’s Patrick Steel (Museums Journal 14 Dec 2016) has drawn my attention to the fact that museums have been entirely left out of the Welsh Government’s diabetic coma-inducingly-titled “Light Springs Through The Dark: A Vision For Culture In Wales” (who on earth comes up with these report names…!?).

This is, as the pretentious title suggests, a “vision”. For culture. In Wales.

A vision that has a blindspot when it comes to museums.

The Welsh Government itself commissioned an Expert Review of Local Museum Provision last year. But has done nothing with it. Now it has conveniently forgotten about it and left it out of “Light Springs…” (Or should that be “Sh*te Springs…?” Perhaps the name will stick….).

Patrick’s full article can be read here.

One specific point leaps out. The Welsh Government are currently consulting on their suggestion to create an organisation called “Historic Wales” to combine the commercial operations of Cadw, National Museum Wales and The Royal Commission. In “Sh*te Springs…” (see, it DID stick!) the Welsh Government states it will create Historic Wales. No ifs, no buts, it will create. Nice valuing of consultation there WG!

I am appalled by Welsh Government’s attitude to the museum sector. Initially interested but, ultimately, callously indifferent to the contribution museums make to Wales economy and soul.

2016 was a bad year for all sorts of reasons. Museums in Wales will not be looking forward to a prosperous 2017.

Bah humbug….


Where do you go to my lovely?

Far from being a reference to Peter Sarstedt’s rather stalker-esque pop hit (just Google the lyrics…), this blog post aims to promote an interesting, free, publication from NIACE on how to track learners once they have left you. Whilst this is of direct relevance to providers of formal, accredited adult learning it should also be of interest to all providers in the adult learning and culture sectors as it gives ideas on following (in a non-Peter-Sarstedt way) those adults who have previously engaged in your learning provision.

Now, more than ever, both sectors need to prove “impact”. What better way than to do this than to be able to show key stakeholders (ie funders…) that you know exactly what happened to people immediately after they did some learning with you?

Anyway, it’s not for everyone but I thought it might be interesting. I’m off now to my apartment on the Boulevard of St. Michel to listen to some Rolling Stones records with my mate, Sacha Distel…

New (old) kid on the (metaphorical) block

ALACS: Adult Learning and the Culture Sector is a new association of culture and adult learning experts who are itching to make a difference by bringing these two sectors together. In fact we are so new that our website is still in development (just polishing the bumpers and hoovering the carpet before we roll it out of the garage into the blinding flashguns of the educational paparazzi…)

We are so excited that we can’t wait for the website to be ready and we want to start blogging. Sharing our thoughts, dissemminating information re exciting projects and news from across the UK and rest of the EU.

So, here we are, sitting in the garage, revving our engine and waiting for our door to lift.

We hope lots of people become early adopters of this blog. Join in and let’s get some conversations going.

Now, where’s my Twitter account…..?