We DO love to be beside the sea…!

If you missed it back in May, here is a study by Nick Ewbank Associates which explored the “cultural value and social capital” of culture-led regeneration in three English seaside towns. It concentrated on individual, community and health & wellbeing impact of culture-led regeneration in the three towns.

What leaps out from this report, for me, is the need for cultural organisations to collaborate with other sectors (e.g. Health) in order to successfully measure outcomes and plan appropriate interventions/support for individuals and communities engaged.

It eloquently expresses the culture sector’s “instinctive” (my word, not the report’s) appreciation that what it does has a positive impact on cultural value and society and highlights the need for some kind (or kinds) of planning and measurement frameworks that clearly recognise cross-sector impacts of this kind and provide the measurement tools that can be understood, and appreciated, by funders and policy makers at all levels.

In many ways this report does not say anything I didn’t know already but it does so in a clear and rigorous manner which is hard to ignore.

To hopelessly mash up a phrase from a jowly British Nobel Prize for Literature winner: We need more jaw, jaw AND Waugh, Waugh…..


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