Where do you go to my lovely?

Far from being a reference to Peter Sarstedt’s rather stalker-esque pop hit (just Google the lyrics…), this blog post aims to promote an interesting, free, publication from NIACE on how to track learners once they have left you. Whilst this is of direct relevance to providers of formal, accredited adult learning it should also be of interest to all providers in the adult learning and culture sectors as it gives ideas on following (in a non-Peter-Sarstedt way) those adults who have previously engaged in your learning provision.

Now, more than ever, both sectors need to prove “impact”. What better way than to do this than to be able to show key stakeholders (ie funders…) that you know exactly what happened to people immediately after they did some learning with you?

Anyway, it’s not for everyone but I thought it might be interesting. I’m off now to my apartment on the Boulevard of St. Michel to listen to some Rolling Stones records with my mate, Sacha Distel…


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